My New Year Resolutions

How many people set resolutions based on making their life better? I guess that is the point. I want my resolutions to serve as a everyday reminder to do the things that have been neglected.

I’ve never set resolutions in the past because I am constantly writing lists of things to think about, goals and things I want to accomplish. It seemed unnecessary. Smaller things in my life, though equally important, have gotten pushed to the side.

So this year I have 3 simple tasks that I want to be reminded to do everyday. Writing these down will insure I will stick to them.

My Simple Resolutions for 2015 (and for forever)

1. Exercise– Although a common goal, it’s so important that this becomes a habit. At a minimum I want to be at the gym 3 times a week. It’s so important for my body to get in a good sweat. Then if I have time I can do pushups, curl ups and yoga in the apartment.

2. Wear my hair down- How silly is this one? I am a chronic pony tail wearer and it does not suit me. I’m getting a hair cut on Wednesday and my goal is to pick a style that fit my life style of; shower and go, with no maintenance.

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What do you think?

3. Study everyday– Looking over class notes and reviewing material as you learn it, is a practice my boyfriend Tom utilizes. It has proven to work. I wouldn’t say it was a procrastination problem, just one of where to start. So each day I will go through each class and look over the notes from the previous day. It’s a simple 20-30 minutes for each class. Then when test time comes, my brain will already be familiar with the concepts.

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