Cleaning makeup brushes


Who thinks about their makeup brushed like paint brushes? I would never put away a paint or watercolor brush full of paint. So why haven’t I been cleaning my makeup brushes? I guess I didn’t know how easy it was.

Simple steps to clean brushes:

1. Add baby shampoo to lukewarm water. Have two bowls, one with the soapy water and one with clean water.


2. Swirl your brush around in the water and then rinse it in the clean bowl


3. How beautiful is this blush color! After each brush the water was so dirty that I constantly had to refill in the bowl with new clean soapy water.


4. Place the clean brushes on a dry cloth. My table is at a slight pitch so the water flowed downward. However I’m sure a flat drying table would be fine.


Let them dry and voila! Your skin will thank you. No more makeup clogged brushes!

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