Clean out your makeup bag


Here’s a little trick I learned from my mother. Using a sharpie marker, mark the date you purchased the makeup. When cleaning out my makeup bag I find dried up mascara tubes that I’ve been holding, just in case. Chances are no one need 10 lipstick/ lips glosses. Chose the fresh new tubes and discard that makeup that you hold on to ‘just in case’.

With the addition of the date on your products it will be easier to throw out that eye liner that is marked 5 years prior.

Lotions can also pile up and it becomes easy to tell yourself that you will use it in the future. Chances are if you haven’t used it yet nothing will change. Instead choose 3 lotions (1.face 2. body 3. hands/feet) that you use everyday and discard anything that has become clumpy.

This also applies to hair products, deodorant and soaps. Nothing should be stored away for years without use. It takes up space and storage. With just a few items you love it will become easier to treasure them. Use what you like and rid yourself of the extras.

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