The benefits of borrowing books

One can only expect to have some library fines when deciding to rent from the local library. Something about these tattered old books always manage to disappear. When someone lends me books, I always manage to find and return them. Trusting a good friend’s recommendation can also ensure you will read it quickly.

Although real books occupy more space then electronic books, the probability of becoming distracted is greatly eliminated and the satisfaction of turning pages can not be replicated. The act of simplifying to an electronic reader poses with it the insecurity in what was chosen by allowing with click of a finger thousands of another options.


Simplifying is not eliminating what you love, but eliminating what you will never read again. Rid yourself of the fear of letting go. The worst that can happen is you order another copy. So start by lending out books that you don’t mind if they return.

Next time you want to read, ask a friend. Then it can be returned without taking up room on your book shelf and there is something special about sharing thoughts on a good book.

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