Face Mapping

Some people suffer from breakouts more than others. I am a firm believer that our life is reflected in our body. Face mapping is a way to verify what’s going on inside your body, since every part of your body is linked to different organs

Chinese medicine states that all organs have a different color, temperature, and taste, and are manifested in a certain way. Skin on your face is an expression of your health.

“The body is made up of a bunch of systems—lympathic, neurological, digestive, to name a few—and all of these systems are tied together,” stated Dr. Hsu “It’s very difficult to affect one without affecting others.”


A common theme among all these areas is to make sure you are drinking enough water. This helps to flush the body of toxins and waste.


1. Above the Brows

According to Chinese medicine, the area above your brows is linked to your gallbladder and liver. Try eating less processed or junk food and reduce the amount of fat in your diet.

2. Between the Brows

Hsu says that breakouts between your brows mean you’re drinking or smoking too much, or eating too many rich foods. “Incorporate more exercise into your routine, and get more sleep.”

3. Nose

Your nose, not surprisingly, is connected to your lungs and heart. Hsu recommends cutting back on spicy foods, meat, and salt and replacing them with fruits, veggies, nuts (full of good fats like omega-3 and 6). If you’re getting constant breakouts on your nose, check your blood pressure and vitamin B levels—Hsu says that upping your vitamin B intake can help combat flare-ups.

4. Left Cheek

“Chinese medicine is really big on left and right,” Hsu tells us. If you’re breaking out on the left side of your face, he recommends eating  “cooling foods”—think winter melon, cucumber, and the like. The left cheek is more connected to your liver, which Hsu says is the weakest between one to five p.m. in the afternoon. “If you’re having a breakout on your left cheek, try to avoid any strenuous work during that time of day,” he says.

5. Right Cheek

Hsu says the right side cheek is more connected to your lungs. He recommends doing aerobic and breathing exercises early in the morning to strengthen your lungs. The right cheek is also more sugar-focused. “If you’re breaking out on your right cheek, I would recommend cutting back on junk food and sugar, as well as wine, taro, and seafood,” Hsu says.

6. Mouth Area

If you suffer from breakouts around your mouth area, once again, your diet could be to blame. The area around your mouth is associated with your digestive organs, like your intestines and liver. Hsu recommends cutting back on spicy foods and fried foods, while eating more fiber, fruits, and veggies.

7. Chin

“Modern acupuncturists would say that if you break out around your chin, you should get your hormone levels checked,” Hsu says. “Stress can also be a huge part of it.” He recommends drinking spearmint tea and taking omega-3 to soothe these breakouts, as well as talking to your gynecologist about your hormone levels.

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