Dry Air Remedies

The old house I rent from is particularly dry. Here are three things I use to help.

1. Humidifier


I normally run it at night when I sleep. However when it’s really dry it’s nice to run it during the day on a lower setting.

2. Hand lotion and lip balm


This hand balm is amazing and locally made in Wilson, NY. I would highly recommend it. The consistency is more oily than other lotions because it does not contain alcohol (as a drying factor) so it’s best to put it on when you won’t be touching anything. Right before bed or if you are watching TV.

The burt’s bees lip balm is also great to put on at bedtime because then you don’t have to worry about it during the day or coming off when you have a drink.

3. Keep your plants watered


Enough said with this one.

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