What I use most: Peppermint oil

Spiders I would not say is a big fear of mine, but I guess it was never an issue. The apartment house I rent from is over 100 years old and seems to be a spider’s favorite place. The solution of having a clean tidy home doesn’t seem to be enough. Although there has only been 6 or 7 that I have seen since I moved in here almost two years ago. They were large enough to leave a lasting impression.


The solution: Peppermint oil spray. I already had peppermint oil and so after purchasing a spray bottle I added several drops to water. Then I went crazy and sprayed everywhere. I considering heavy chemicals to ensure no unwanted appearance, but I didn’t feel it was right to poison my air too.

Curtains seem to be their favorite spot to hang out. and now my apartment smells like a candy cane


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