Pairing Down: Coats

I recently pulled out all my winter coats from the storage bin. For while they were sitting on the bench because I had no place to hang them.

They have had many locations included the worst, in my closet. My closet, located in my room, is actually only a single pipe spanning two walls. Open to my small bedroom, bulky coats can take up a lot of room.

Steps for a clean entrance/ coat rack:

1. Clear out- Pull everything away from the area so you know what you are working with. For me, all my bags and coats needed to be moved.


2. Eliminate- Pair down anything unnecessary by trying on coats or deciding if its going to be worn again. All my ‘dress’ coats went into my little storage room.


3. Solution- This rack is an old one from Ikea. It’s had many uses over the years. Although it looks thin, it is surprisingly strong and can hold a lot of weight. I use the little hooks, also from Ikea, to hang the coats.


* I apologize for the image quality, the new update affected iphoto and the download is taking a lot of time.

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