Pairing down: desk

My desk is the only large flat surface in my apartment. This makes it prone to becoming my dumping station.

Pictured below is the worst it will get.



1. Photos– I recently unloaded a box full of scrapbooks, since they don’t have a home yet they collected on the desk. Although not a solution for now these went back in the box in the closet until I can find a place for them.

2. Headphones– Remembering to put them away after I use them is not always easy. I borrowed these, so clean up is easy. They get put back in the case and given back.

3. Pens/ Pencils/ Art supplies– I have my favorites, and they tend to collect on my desk space. The little rotating pencil holder is great for everything. It can separate different categories but keep everything together.

4. Papers and Notebooks– Constantly I need to remind myself that I don’t have to keep every little note and paper. It can all be written down in one clear area.


– side note: The little basket on my desk hold little postage envelopes and mostly stamps.

– the cups hold binder clips, which I am constantly using and little wasi tape.

The total time this took me was less than 10 minutes. Because most objects already had a clean home it was easy. I will talk more about homes for things in later posts.

One thought on “Pairing down: desk

  1. Hi MElissa: How about clearing out your voicemail inbox so your elderly friends can leave you a old fashioned voice message! ( like send me Tom’s email and cell so that elderly friend can tell you of the hot off the apple tree in Wayne County best apple ever- the Cameo! Ciao Miss Simplify

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